What is an HYIP?

This whole site revolves around HYIPs and how to make profit from them - but if you are new to the space, here's a rundown of what an HYIP actually is.

HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program

Basically you give money (Fiat or Crypto) to one of these programs and they promise to pay you (usually daily) interest on this investment. This daily interest is somewhere in the region of 1% to 10% daily which (including compounding) turn out to be gigantic figures over time. So gigantic in fact, that they are mathematically proven to be unsustainable.

Without diving too deep into compounding (learn more
), here's a little example:
1$ invested with a daily interest rate of 5% would result in $54,211,841 after 365 days! Just to prove the point: wait another 100 days an you have more dollars than there are sand grains on all beaches worldwide ...

Obviously a HYIP is fraud
They have a very limited lifespan after which they collapse and the owner runs away with any remaining funds. But: Until then, they are one of the most lucrative investment options available. The important part is: Have all your money withdrawn and profits secured when the HYIP collapses. And that's what we focus on here

Also be aware that there is a big difference between HYIPs and straight up scams Read more about that
and be sure to never invest into a scam.
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