HYIP Rotation System

The HYIP Rotation System uses statistical analysis to minimze the risk of investing into HYIPs while maximizing the profit

This is a brief overview of the HYIP Rotation System which is only intended as an introduction. Please inform yourself about the details of each step, before using it yourself. This overview contains links to other articles describing each part in much more detail and explaining the math and theories behind it

Let's start by laying out some groundwork to build our strategy:

Every HYIP ("High Yield Investment Program") is -by definition- based on an unsustainable concept: Using funds of new investors to pay interest to older ones

Therefore every HYIP will collapse at some point resulting in the defaulting of all open investments

Up until this breaking point HYIP do payout as they promise and generate interest rates that cannot be found anywhere else

Important: We are only talking about HYIPs here, not ponzi schemes or straight up scams.
There is a important difference

That's where we get our goal: We want to be able to invest in HYIPs, take maximum profit as they grow and ideally have nothing left on the table when they collapse

Here's how we reach that goal: Follow the seven phases of the HYIP Rotation System:

- Phase 1: Seeding
Select an inital HYIP to invest in, taking into account a
HYIP Health Analysis

> All details for Phase 1

- Phase 2: Securing ROI
Don't fall for all the reinvestment and compounding traps that HYIP usually position. Wait for one
Doubling Cycle
and as soon as you have reached your principal investement in interest, withdraw all profits. Your principal investment remains in the system and continues to generate interest. You have now successfully proven the
Greater Fools Theory
and no longer risk your own money
> All details for Phase 2

- Phase 3: Expanding
Since you no longer have you own money at risk, switch to a (risky) maximum reinvestment strategy, compounding the investment for a few doubling cycles. Don't get greedy here and switch to phase 4 soon
> All details for Phase 3

- Phase 4: Harvesting
After successful expansion dial back your reinvestment - collect daily interest and start cashing out about half of it. Reinvest the other half. This phase is where you'll make the bulk of your profits
> All details for Phase 4

- Phase 5: Analysing HYIP Health
While in the harvesting phase, have a look at all
Health Indicators
of your HYIP - monitor them carefully and ideally daily. As soon as you see any significant changes, switch to the next phase immediately. Again, do not get greedy here!
> All details for Phase 5

- Phase 6: Scaling out
This is where the collapse of the system is only a few doubling cycles away! Stop any reinvestments, withdraw interest and matured investments on a daily basis, sit back and wait for the big boom.
> All details for Phase 6

- Phase 7: Rotation
This is where the name comes from: After scaling out from the HYIP, take the money you've earned and rotate over to the next HYIP. Do not go back to the old project - even if the owners post a lot of promising news and try to bring you back. No HYIP ever comes back from reaching it's breaking point and people investing that late are definitely the ones who get burned.
> All details for Phase 7

At this point you should have a rough understanding of how this method works. But we strongly encourage you to look into all the details. There is no such thing as free money, not even with this system as a base. Educate yourself, look for the intricacies and you will have much greater success!

If you feel ready, your first starting place should be our
HYIP Toplist
to find a suitable HYIP to invest in.
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