How and why to spread your risk

I guess we've all heard the stories: People blindly invest all their money into a single HYIP, totally
, only focusing on the gigantic potential profit they could make - and then they lose everything. Please don't make the same mistake.

Always spread your investement across multiple HYIPs. This doesn't mean you should invest twice as much, just split the amount you want to invest in two, three or whatever you like and invest smaller sums into different programs. If one of them should fail, you still have a good chance to recover that loss from the other ones

It's also generally a good idea to include different types of HYIPs in this spread - maybe one high risk 10% daily, maybe one 1% bitconnect/chaingroup type of investment. There's sometimes a kind of ripple effect among very similar HYIPs: One of them closes down and people in panic start withdrawing money from other, similar programs - which in turn depletes their funds and causes them to close too. That's the reason behind diversifying across different program types.
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