Risk vs. Reward

When thinking about risk vs. reward of and HYIP, we have to make one point very clear: The risk is always there, the admin of any platform might shut down and run just as soon as you send your first deposit. The HYIP Rotation System might lower this risk by careful analysis, but it can never be completely removed!

So when we cannot do anything about the risk involved in an HYIP investment, it's even more important to lmake sure that this risk is offset by a higher potential reward. This is where the
Doubling Cycles
come into play:

By figuring out the current Doubling Cycle of a project and then comparing that to the number of DCs other HYIPs were active for, we can get a rought estimate for the remaining lifetime

Fortunately this is something you don't have to worry about, because it is already baked into the
HYIP Rotation System
By limiting our investment point to the first two Doubling Cycles, we ensure that every HYIP still has enough cycles left, to offer a favourable risk vs reward ratio.
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