Referral programs - why they are so important!

Absolutely every HYIP has one: A referral/affiliate program. I assume this doesn't need further explanation, but essentially whenever you bring a new investor to a platform, you get a small part of their investment as commission.
Referral programs are essential for every HYIP, because they are the only reason why they are able to grow the userbase with the required speed.

But something that's not not quite obvious at first: We as investors need affiliate programs just as much as the HYIP itself needs them. And I'm not talking about the additional profit here!

Why is that? Because the moment we invest we are the bottom layer of the pyramid - and therefore the ones who get burned when the platform collapses.

By using the referral program and sending new users to the HYIP we not only get a comission, but - and that's the important part - we add another layer of investors below us and therefore secure our investment!

In order to support exponential growth it's enough that each user (on average) refers slightly more than one new investor. So we're not talking about gigantic affiliate farms but just one or two referrals. That's enough to keep the system running smoothly and buy you enough time to reach ROI.
Even when we assume a 10% affiliate system, the comission is just a mere 20% of your investment - a nice bonus, but not as important as the added security for your invested capital.

But it doesn't stop here! Getting a few affiliates is not only a "defensive" measure to ensure you reach phase 2 (ROI secured), but applies again in
phase 4 / harvesting

By ensuring that the system gets another layer of investors, you've bought yourself another
Doubling Cycle
- which in turn means you can harvest the system for one more cycle in phase 4 before it eventually collapses! This is the most lucrative phase of the entire system, so every additional day here translates into significant profit.

As you see the affiliate systems are not only for Youtubers - they are an essential part for all parties and you shouldn't ignore them
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