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Please remember that investing into a HYIP always has inherent risks! Our analysis can reduce it to some extent, but never eliminate it completely. Never invest money that you cannot afford to lose!
Program Details
Launch date
Days since launch
311 days
Current Cycle
Currently paying
Last withdrawal
17.06.2019 (1 days ago)
Investment Details
% daily
Doubling Cycle
INF days
Converts to USD
Can unlock deposit early
Minimum Investment
0.01 BTC
Automatic Compounding
Principal returned
Current HYIP Phase seems to be an upgraded version of last years! Those of you who were already involved back then, know how important that is! Rewardtable was exceptionally lucrative the last time around, especially during the first weeks where tables moved very fast.

If anyone does not already how how these sites work: You purchase a seat in a triangle shaped table. Each time a row of seats is filled, you move up one level. This repeats until you reach the top of the table and you earn your reward.

Compared to last years version there are a few upgrades: Most notably, you can now monitor all activity on the site. This gives great insight and allows you to judge how active the community still is and how fast tables are moving (very fast, as of now!)
Another new feature is the flexible table depth: You can now select the number of levels that your table should contain. Increasing the depth increases risk, but also offers an exponentially higher reward. Especially for the first days, the 4 or 5 level tables might be a good option. Later on you can reduce risk with shallower tables.

Key points about

Still very new, launched yesterday. Tables are still moving quickly

Extremely transparent: All tables and user profiles are visible, all activities can be monitored

3 different tables sizes: 0.01, 0.1, 1 BTC per seat

4 different table depths: 2,3,4 or 5 levels

Custom coded page, not yet another cheap HYIP clone

Very fast deposits and withdrawals

10% affiliate system

As with every cycler system: tables are slowing down over time. The faster you are, the better
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