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Program Details
Bitconnect Clone
Launch date
Days since launch
107 days
Current Cycle
Currently paying
Last withdrawal
16.03.2018 (2 days ago)
Investment Details
2% daily
Doubling Cycle
50 days
Converts to USD
Can unlock deposit early
Minimum Investment
100 USD
Automatic Compounding
Principal returned


Dekado is yet another bitconnect clone - the system itself is nothing new, but the platform is still fresh. This is a good oportunity for anyone looking to build an affiliate network early on.

They are (like bitconnect) based on their own internal coin "Dekado DKD". All bitconnect systems have a fixed supply of their internal lending coins - but a growing userbase. Basic economics dictate that a growing demand with fixed supply leads to an increase in price. This is what we are currently seeing here. So see this more as a trading oportunity, then actual lending.

Dekado also offers a pretty big, multi level affiliate system and due to the low interest rate should be around for some time. If you invest some time into building a referral network this early, this should also pay off nicely

04/12/17 DKD price: $10.48

05/12/17 DKD price: $11.28

06/12/17 DKD price: $11.58

07/12/17 DKD price: $14.88

08/12/17 DKD price: $14.37

15/12/17 DKD price: $16.01

to be updated
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