Crypto HYIP Toplist

Please remember that investing into a HYIP always has inherent risks! Our analysis can reduce it to some extent, but never eliminate it completely. Never invest money that you cannot afford to lose!
Program Details
Launch date
Days since launch
158 days
Current Cycle
Currently paying
Last withdrawal
17.03.2018 (1 days ago)
Investment Details
1.42% daily
Doubling Cycle
71 days
Converts to USD
Can unlock deposit early
Minimum Investment
100 USD
Automatic Compounding
Principal returned


Warning 22/12/17: A lot of users are currently unable to access their accounts. No word from support yet why.
Update: Seems like only US customers are affected, other accounts seem to be back to normal

We've received reports that Pandex is the successor of and run by the same people as Skyllex - a HYIP which has been running for over a year before shutting down! Investing into Pandex might offer extremely high ROI, if they stick around for as long as Skyllex did

Pandex is a hybrid of an HYIP on the one side and a trading platform on the other. You can use the profits from the HYIP to trade cryptos on their internal exchange and maybe make some additional profits. Or you could just ignore the trading part and only invest for the daily interest. Due to their very professional setup, we suspect they are going to ge around for quite some time and are not in it for the quick money grab.

2% daily interest rate (only on business days -> 1.42% daily)

Integrated trading platfrom

Very professional, seems unlikely that they scam too soon

High production value video, once again proving that they put a lot of work into this

CoinPayments as transactions processor (good reputation, transparent and fast)

Very elaborate affilate system with between 3 and 7 levels depending on the amount you refer
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