HYIP-RS PHASE 6: Scaling out

As soon as the first early warnings from our health checks went off, we assume the HYIP is close to collapse and will not reinvest anything into the project

Our only goal in this phase is to get as much money out of the soon to be dying HYIP as possible

In order to do that we do a few things:
No more reinvesting

All withdrawable funds are immediately withdrawn

Daily profits continue to accumulate and should be withdrawn very regulary

If the platform offers to free your locked up funds for a reasonable fee (up to 10%), do it

If our health indicator were early enough, we should still have a few days or weeks to get big daily payouts (due to 0% reinvestment) and maybe even mature some of the locked up contracts.

As soon as you have withdrawn all of your funds from the HYIP, do not go back. Its a doomed project at this point and the owners will try desperate things to keep you in the system. Whatever they offer, do not reinvest. In fact the more ridiculous their offers become, the closer is the certain doom - we've seen everything up to 200% bonus payouts for last minute reinvestments. Don't trust any of it!

Another note: If you've managed to build up a referral network, log back into the platform occasionally. One of your referrals might have fallen for a trap and reinvested. You might just be able to withdraw some more comissions just before the collapse
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