HYIP-RS PHASE 5: Health Analysis

By the time we reach this phase the HYIP is usually at least 4 DCs old - we slowly start to get into territory where the growth gets harder to sustain. We are still on our 50% reinvestment strategy from phase 4, but we have to be very vigilant at this point.

There are a few early indicators that help you determine how fast the inevitable collapse of the HYIP is getting closer. This is what we are trying to detect in this phase

- Changes in interest rate: Huge red flag! If the HYIP has been running with 2% daily interest and all of a sudden the owner announces a reduction to 1.5%, that's a sure sign of impending doom. No matter how well they argue their point in any blog post or forum, consider the HYIP busted and scale out as fast as possible. Some excuses you might hear: Keeping the project sustainable, funds for developing a new whatever, more staff hired, bad market conditions. Don't believe any of them

- New user registrations: This one can be hard to judge depending on the platform. Some (less professional) projects contain a user ID in their profile links - that's super easy. Others offer a chatroom with the number of online users. Others post milestones on social media (less trustworthy)

- Withdrawal Check: We recommend you withdraw a tiny portion of your profits every now and then, only to verify that the withdrawal process is still working. If there are unusual delays (or straight up no payment at all), this is another red flag!

- Social media involvement: The HYIP has its own subreddit or forum? Monitor the activity there, especially from admins and moderators. If you notice a steady or sudden decline, be very cautious

- Support response times: Send an inquiry about some random question to the support and note their response time. HYIPs close to collapse usually receive so much requests, they can't answer them in time or go completely quiet

- Changes in affiliate programs: This one is not as bad as changes to the interest rate, but its still a hint. Exceptions are changes very early to end special launch promotions

- Changes to minimum amounts: Adjusting withdrawal or reinvestment amounts to the upside is usually a desperate try to cut down on costs in the short term. All users that do not have invested a lot into the system now have to save up for their next withdrawal, which buys the HYIP some time.

As soon as any of these indicators point toward a change in the system: immediately change to phase 6! We can't stress this enough: Now every day counts and delaying the next phase seriously cuts down your profits

Something we didn't include here intentionally: Do not trust reddit or any other external sources. Don't fall for trolls that report not being paid, only to spread their referral links to a new HYIP. Do your research and draw your own conclusions. In the field of HYIP nobody is your friend and you should vet every external information for yourself!
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