HYIP-RS PHASE 4: Harvesting

To recap, by now you should have reached the following goals:

Invested your principal (phase 1)

During the first DC, withdrawn profit equal to your principal (phase 2)

Over the next 2 DCs at least quadrupled the principal with compounding (phase 3)

We are now at a point where we have significantly more money in the HYIP than we have initally invested, but we have not taken profit yet.

In phase 4 we are going to cut down the reinvestments to 50% and start to withdraw all other profits. From now on we have established a real passive income and not only gains on paper

We are still reinvesting 50% since the HYIP is somewhere on the middle of it's lifespan and should still be growing - something we don't want to miss out on.

So how long do we stay in this state? Here comes the trick: We immediately start with regular
HYIP Health Checks
as described in phase 6 - in parallel, while reinvesting 50%.
Continue with phase 5
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