HYIP-RS PHASE 3: Expanding

Since we don't risk any of our principal money anymore, we are free to switch to a much more risky (but profitable) investment strategy:

Instead of cashing out, we go for 100% reinvestment in phase 3

This aggressive reinvesting allows us to take full advantage of the
Compounding Effect
and sets up the base for harveting in the next phase.
The important thing is though: As long as you are in this phase you have rapid growth, but no profit at all. Paper profits don't count, since you are reinvesting them all. There are no cashout in this phase, so don't be greedy.

Note: with fast growing HYIPs (ca. 8%+) it might be a good idea to skip the expanding phase entirely and immediately start phase 4 / harvesting after you've reached ROI. These programs usually only last about 2 DCs, so there's not enough time to expand and then collect

If the HYIP collapses while you are in this phase, all of your time was for nothing - you lost nothing, but you've also gained nothing
Do not get greedy at this point!

So the question is, how long should you stick to phase 3 and reinvest 100%? As a general rule of thumb, we do not recommend more than
2 Double Cycles
in phase 3. After that you should advance to the next phase and lock in some of your profits.
Continue with phase 4
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