HYIP-RS Phase 1: Seeding

The first - and at the same time most important - step before an actual investment is picking the right HYIP

There are a key few factors we're looking for when choosing a new HYIP to invest into

Recently started HYIPs only! Or in more technical terms: A HYIP that has had at most 4
Doubling Cycles
. Entering this early has the benefit of a good risk vs. reward ratio and increases the chances that the program runs long enough to reach phase 2

But not too new either! One of the most risky phases of a program is its start. If it does not gain enough traction during the first few days, the developers are likely turing it into a scam right away and never even start payments. Either invest a very small amout to test the waters or wait a few days for payment confirmation from other users. Don't dive in deep during the first days!

HYIPs with a reasonable interest rate Do not invest into HYIPs that offer 50% interest every day - even though no HYIP is sustainable in the long run, these ultra high interest rates are not even sustainable in the very short term. They are likely to crash as soon as a big deposit comes in.

Proof of payment The only 100% secure proof is receiving money yourself - but before investment, try to find a few screenshots of payments online. We do also compile them in our
HYIP Toplist
for easy access

After having chosen a new HYIP, we need to think about the investment amount

It is generally advised to scale into any program - start by investing the minimum amount to verify the system for yourself. Normally you also gain additional insight into a HYIP after investing: This could be access to the chat room, searching for users or contacting support. Use all these features, poke around for a bit and watch the first daily payments. If you still like the HYIP at this point, only now invest your intended sum
Continue with Phase 2
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