How long do HYIPs last?

This is one of the questions we receive very often: How long will program XYZ last? The short answer: No one knows!

But based on other HYIPs in the past, we can guestimate, how long a certain program will last on average. There will always be programs that have a (much) shorter or longer lifespan, but when you
spread your risk
this doesn't bother you.

The chart below represents all past medium (3%-7%) and fast (7%-12%) HYIPs that were listed on this site and is automatically updates. All programs that are still active / paying are not listed there. To understand the chart, you have to be familiar with the
Doubling Cycle (DC)

Note: All ROI values are based on day 1 investments without any affiliate earnings. Since affiliate earnings differ vastly for everyone, this is the best way to compare the data in our opinion.

Chart Explanation:

Vertical axis: The number of days the program was paying

Horizontal axis: The daily interest rate that the program was offering

Blue dots: A single HYIP program

Red line: This is the 1 DC line and represents 100% ROI. All programs below this are not profitable for anyone.

Orange line: This is the 1.5 DC line and represents 150% ROI.

Green line: This is the 2 DC line and represents 100% ROI

Hover over the blue dots for more info
This chart displays the same data, but reduced to the total ROI
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