Greater Fools Theory

The Greater Fools Theory has been around for quite some time and was originally aimed at regular trading

Buying an overvalued asset is still a valid investment, as long as you find someone else that is willing to pay even more. Meet your greater fool

Example: Someone offers to sell you a $10 bill for $20. Would you take the trade? Of course not. But what if there's a foreigner waiting nearby that knows nothing about dollar bills. And he is willing to pay you $30 for your $10 bill. Now that's a +50% trade all of a sudden - even though you've bought a 100% overvalued asset.

So how does that tie into HYIPs? As soon as you deposit money into them, you basically buy shares of this HYIP. These "shares" are basically worthless since every HYIP is bound to crash at some point, so you've bought an indefinitely overvalued asset. But as long as you find someone to buy into the HYIP after you, you've found a greater fool and secured your profit!
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