Dangers of ICOs

There are a lot of pitfalls for ICO investors - just to name a few and give you an idea. 100x returns are possible, but the change for them is not far off 1:100. Please be careful!

ICO might just be a cashgrab with nothing behund it -> total scam

ICO might be far less successful than the founds anticipated and therefore they turn it into a scam halfway through

ICO might be successful, but the coin / token is never listed on exchanges -> no way to cash out

ICO might be successful, but the price on external exchanges drops below the ICO price -> no profit

ICO might be successful, but the environment for the resulting company has changed and they have to shut down -> coin / token useless

Phishing: Happens every ICO again ... spammers send out phising mails and some investors fall for it, losing their coins

Hacking: Platform gets hacked -> total loss, if they've kept the coins in a hot wallet

Time: Investing into ICOs is a much more of a long term commitment than HYIPs. There can be months between the actual ICO and the listing on exchanges. Do not invest money that you might need anytime soon!
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